Helonias bullata

Swamp Pink is the Common Name for the perennial Helonias (Genus) bullata (species). This unique and rare plant is the only known species in the genus Helonias and is native to parts of the east coast, a few southern states, and Japan. Due to the degradation of the wetlands where the Swamp Pink inhabits, this species is now on the endangered species list.

Swamp Pink’s singular beauty and fragility symbolizes our values: to create landscapes that are habitable, sustainable, and beautiful, with an understanding of the role of clean water and conservation.

Gabrielle Newmark is the founder of Swamp Pink Landscape Architecture (SPLA) and has over nineteen years of experience working on a wide range of projects spanning the spectrum of commercial, municipal, residential and community based greening projects.

Gabrielle is also a co-founder and Program Director of the Downtown Los Angeles based non-profit organization Industrial District Green (IDG), which is a project under Community Partners. IDG’s mission is to improve the livability of the Downtown Los Angeles Industrial neighborhoods through comprehensive planning, implementation and maintenance of community-based greening and streetscape improvement projects.

As a native of Los Angeles, Gabrielle has a passionate vision for the City’s possibilities. Her commitment to advocate for healthy environments that are thoughtfully planned and designed is a forefront in all aspects of her career.

Want to learn more? You can view Gabrielle’s resume here.