Landscape Architectural Services

Swamp Pink Landscape Architecture (SPLA) provides full landscape architectural services including: site planning, conceptual design, design development, construction documentation and field observation. SPLA has the experience and ability to coordinate community design charrettes with a broad range of community organizations, age groups, socio-economic backgrounds and City Agencies that incorporate everyone’s goals and objectives.

Water Conservation Projects


Sustainable Materials

Passive Solar Design

By emphasizing native and low water-use plants, effectively planning efficient irrigation systems and implementing stormwater management techniques, we minimize the affect our landscapes have on an environment where clean water is fast becoming a scarce commodity.
We employ a range of sustainable materials and techniques that allow the movement of water through surfaces when appropriate,helping to reduce polluted stormwater runoff and replenish our water table.
We always advocate for sustainable materials, and seek to create designs that avoid depleting non-renewable resources.
Our technique of passive solar design through strategic tree planning means we use the power of the sun to minimize the impact of your heating and lighting needs.